Louize Laine Antonio

District Rotaract Representative, District 3830


Rotaract Clubs in the following cities/municipality in the Philippines’ National Capital Region namely Las Piñas, Makati, Muntinlupa, Parañaque, Pateros (municipality) and Taguig as well as in the Philippine province of Palawan.

Striking a balance between modernization and tradition, advancement and preservation, District 3830 is known for being the home of the robust financial center, nostalgic heritage and delightful wonders of nature. This administrative territory comprises of Las Piñas, Makati, Muntinlupa, Parañaque, Pateros, Taguig, and the Province of Palawan. At present, District 3830 has 56 community-based and 22 university-based Rotaract clubs. The body envisions itself to have united Rotaract clubs with sustainable service projects and Rotaractors embodying commitment and professionalism.

Rotaract District 3830 saw its beginnings under the leadership of Past District Rotaract Representative Joannie Sitoy when she initiated the first Presidents-Elect and Secretaries-Elect Training Seminar. She was then followed by PDRR Myreza Catherine Gonzales who conceptualized the district Manual of Procedures (MOP) and crafted the resolution for setting the district dues, establishing a system for reporting, and adopting guidelines for DRR Elections and the district awards.

PDRR Aldrin Buelo succeeded with the implementation of the Rotaract MOP and pioneering of the first joint District Conference for Rotaract and Interact. Next is PDRR Angela Benavente who established a friendship pact with Districts 3780 and 3810. She was followed by PDRR Famay Rivera who institutionalized the paperless quarterly reporting, quarterly district meeting and DRR’s Visit. After her, PDRR Randy Pabona spearheaded the district’s mission and vision creation.

Then, there was PDRR Edgilou Mendiola who won the bidding for hosting the Pilipinas Rotaract Convention for 2017. She was then succeeded by PDRR Joshua Benhur Macaraig who subsidized all registration fees for district events and spearheaded the district’s hosting of PROCON 2017. Aside from being the DRR for Rotary Year 2012-2013, PDRR Ahl Rowlan Legaspi served again as the DRR for Rotary Year 2017-2018. His platform was constant communication between the club presidents and the district, and he introduced the first DRRN elections. During his term, the first mangrove planting and coastal-clean up drive and the first fellowship night was done in celebration of the World Rotaract Week.

He was followed by PDRR Mark Jason Peñafiel who introduced many firsts in the district. These include the Presidents-Elect and Secretaries-Elect Training Seminar (PESETS) extension to two days, the first Children’s Party that was adopted by Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO as a simultaneous national kick-off activity, the first district-initiated orientation for new Rotaract members, first DRRND election, the first Rotaract-to-Rotary initiative (New Generation’s Conference), the first District Bowling Tournament, the first joint-district environment activity with Rotaract District 3810 in partnership with Villar SIPAG to commemorate the World Rotaract Week and the first E-Newsletter.

On the course of his leadership, DRR John Philip Chan has initiated the managerial and policy reforms in the district such as (1) providing a holistic training approach for Rotaract leaders through the formation of a comprehensive module for Presidents-Elect and Secretaries-Elect Training Seminar and District Rotaract Interact Assembly and the revival of the Rotaract On-Track Course (ROTC) which provides relevant information about the organization after each leaders’ meeting; (2) conducting a stricter DRR’s Visit which requires the presence of a Rotarian to evaluate the performance of the Rotaract clubs and strengthen its ties with their sponsoring Rotary club with 21 clubs complied; (3) implementing an efficient revenue collection which doubled the number of Rotaract clubs paying the district dues; (4) reapportioning the areas of the district to three to establish a better support system among Rotaract clubs; (5) continuous cleansing of nominal Rotaract clubs by promoting the essence of quality over quantity in the establishment of Rotaract clubs in the district; (5) doubling or at least increasing by half the number of participating Rotaract clubs and Rotaractors in district events organized in all cities under their jurisdiction on a rotational basis; (6) breaking the norm of dependency of Rotaractors to their sponsoring Rotary clubs among Rotarians in an plenary session during the Rotary District Assembly; (7) persistently attending the 28 out of 31 clubs inductions in the district – the highest number of organized ceremonies in the history in the district; and (8) inculcating the aim high spirit among Rotaractors which resulted to District 3830 bringing home most of the major awards during the 9th Pilipinas Rotaract Convention such as Festival Booth People’s Choice Award, Mr. PROCON 2020 (Rotaractor Josef Hojas), Most Articulate – Male, Best in Rotaract Speech – Male, End Polio Ambassadress (IPP Aiko Iwata),  District Presentation – 2nd Runner Up and Fellowship Night Best Dressed Female (DDS Reyeva C. Vallente).

District Motto: Distrito Trenta’y Ocho Trenta, Sama-Sama, Nagkakaisa

Below is the roster of District Rotaract Representatives of Rotary International District 3830:

  1. Joannie Sitoy | Rotaract Club of Parañaque Metro Youth Media Network Philippines | RY 2006-2007 and RY 2007-2008

  2. Myreza Catherine Gonzales | Rotaract Club of Makati, RY 2008-2009 and RY 2009-2010

  3. Aldrin Buelo | Rotaract Club of Parañaque East Paragon | RY 2010-2011

  4. Ma. Angela Benavente | Rotaract Club of Scarlet Ibaba Moonwalk Parañaque | RY 2011-2012

  5. Famay Rivera | Rotaract Club of Parañaque East Paragon | RY 2013-2014

  6. Randy Pabona | Rotaract Club of KAPWA | RY 2014-2015

  7. Edgilou Mendiola | Rotaract Club of Teatro de Olympia | RY 2015-2016

  8. Joshua Benhur Macaraig | Rotaract Club of Arellano University College of Nursing | RY 2016-2017

  9. Ahl Rowlan Legaspi | Rotaract Club of Makati Olympia | RY 2012-2013 and RY 2017-2018

  10. Mark Jason Peñafiel | Rotaract Club of Makati Legaspi | RY 2018-2019

  11. John Philip Chan | Rotaract Club of South Signal Village | RY 2019-2020

  12. Marc-Rolf Llanto | Rotaract Club of Kabataang West Rembo | RY 2020-2021

  13. Louize Laine Antonio | Rotaract Club of Paseo de Roxas | RY 2021-2022

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