We Are One Country, One Rotaract

The Pilipinas Rotaract Multi-District Information Organization (MDIO) was formed by all the ten Rotary International districts in the Philippines to serve as information, communication and learning resource center for Rotaractors in the country.


Rotaract is a service club for young people ages 18 to 30 who are dedicated to finding innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges while developing leadership skills and making friends from around the world.

Rotaract clubs decide how to organize and run their own clubs, manage their funds, and plan and carry out activities and service projects that are important to their communities. Rotary clubs that sponsor Rotaract clubs offer guidance and support and work with Rotaractors as partners in service.


Shaping the Leaders of the Future


Building One Country, One Rotaract


Equipping Our Leaders for Transformation


Shaping the Leaders of the Future


Uniting People to Inspire and Make A Difference

who we are

Pilipinas Rotaract Multi-District Information Organization

Founded in November 30, 2007, Pilipinas Rotaract Multi-District Information Organization (MDIO) was formed by all the ten Rotary districts in the Philippines to serve as the national center for information dissemination and communication among Rotaract clubs in the country. Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO strives to support the growth of the Rotaract movement in the country by offering leadership training to Rotaract clubs and district leaders, organizing the annual national Rotaract convention, developing and disseminating information and communication materials and promoting multi-district fellowship and service projects.




  • Seven Filipino Rotaractors have already been invited by Rotary International (RI) to participate in the RI Assembly, the annual global training event of district Rotary leaders:

    • 2019: Ligaya Nicole Corpus (District 3780) and Lauro Reuben Delas Llagas (District 3810)

    • 2020: Louie Boy De Real (District 3780) and Sherry Ann Murillo (District 3790)

    • 2021: Dianna Isabelle Desuyo (District 3780), Christian De Borja (District 3820), and Richard Jeric Chua (District 3850)


  • The Philippines hosted the Asia Pacific Regional Rotaract Conference (APRRC) three times. The first one in 2006 held at Tagaytay City, the second one in 2011 held at Subic and the third one in 2018 held at Manila. The APRRC is the annual conference of Rotaractors across the Asia Pacific region to provide them the opportunities for leadership development, networking, service and fellowship.

  • Three Filipino Past District Rotaract Representatives have already served as Chairperson of the Asia Pacific Rotaract Committee (APRC) namely Oliver Alvarez of District 3810 in 2008 & 2009, Flor Espiritu of District 3790 in 2014, Ligaya Nicole Corpus of District 3780 in 2019. The APRC ensures the continuity of the APRRC, facilitates communication between the districts of the Asia Pacific Region and guides/supports the APRRC host organizing committee.

  • Two Filipino Past District Rotaract Representatives have been elected as Chairperson of the Asia Pacific Rotaract Multi-District Information Organization namely Alexiz Tan of District 3810 who served on RY 2019-2021 and Louie De Real of District 3780 who served on RY 2021-2022. Asia Pacific Rotaract MDIO covers districts in East Asia, ASEAN member countries, Australia, and the Pacific islands.

  • PDRR Louie De Real of District 3780 became the first Filipino Rotaractor who have been both the Chair of a national MDIO (Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO) and a regional MDIO (Asia Pacific Rotaract MDIO).

  • Two Filipinos have already been crowned as Mr. Rotaract Asia Pacific namely PDRR Joseph Zamora in 2018 and PDRR Louie de Real in 2019.


Together, we transformed lives and communities.

Increased Rotaract Support To End Polio

13,587 USD Raised from Rotaractors nationwide

Increased Rotaract Donation To The Rotary Foundation

- 36,159 USD Raised from Rotarators nationwide

- 50 Rotaract Clubs qualified for TRF Giving Certificate, a 333% increase from previous Rotary Year

Increased Participation To RI Rotaract Outstanding Project Awards

- 106 entries from Philippines equivalent to 16% of all entries received worldwide by Rotary International (RI)

- Asia Pacific winner and International Multi-Club winners are from the Philippines

Launch Of Local Outstanding Project Awards

- 117 entries received from PH Rotaract Clubs with all 10 districts represented

- 8 winners (7 winners representing each Rotary area of focus plus 1 winner for multi-club collaboration)

Partnership For EON Rotaract Awards

- Formalized partnership with the Rotary Club of Manila Magic for the 4th Edison Ong National Rotaract Awards for Outstanding Project Ideas

- 58 entries received from PH Rotaract Clubs with 4 winners of Php 50,000 (or 1,000 USD) project grant

Partnership For Ph CSR Youth Awards

- Formalized partnership with Benita and Catalino Yap Foundation for the Philippines' CSR Youth Awards

- 1 national winner, 1 national finalist, 4 semi-finalists from Rotaract

- 8 other Rotaractors submitted nomination

Conduct Of Multi-district Service Projects

- 12,120 USD worth of multi-district service projects conducted
- 161 COVID-19 test kits provided to the UP National Institutes of Health
- 3,000 families in Bulacan, Cagayan and Isabela provided relief packs post-Typhoon Ulysses
- 10 Radio-Based Learning Delivery Systems provided to 10 public schools in Tarlac catering Aeta students


Together, we built awareness and connections.

Pilipinas Rotaract Website

- One-Stop Shop for Everything Filipino Rotaractors Need

- 8,765 Total Site Sessions for the year

- 5,278 Total Unique Visitors

Ang Balangay Digital Newsletter

- Newsletter circulated via monthly emailers
- 2,093 Reads/Opens
- 2,000 Subscribers

Philippine Rotary Magazine Presence

- 28 Featured Rotaract Stories in Philippine Rotary Magazine

Philippine Rotaract Magazine

- Launched in May 30, 2021 as a partnership of Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO and Philippine Rotary Magazine

- Creation of Pilipinas Rotaract Writers Guild

- 25 articles published from May to June 2021

Rotaract Promotion Of People Of Action Rotary Public Image Campaign

103 People of Action Campaign Ads created by Rotaract Clubs and posted in MDIO Instagram

National Directory Of Rotaract Clubs

- Accessible in MDIO Website

- 483 Rotaract Clubs with Updated Contact Information (76% of PH Rotaract Clubs)

Formalization Of National Pin And Convention Logo

- Designs of Pilipinas Rotaract Pin and Pilipinas Rotaract Convention Logo formalized after nationwide designing contests

- 403 PH Rotaract Pins and 154 PROCON Pins produced, sold, and distributed nationwide

Improved Understanding And Observance Of Brand Guidelines

- Created PH Rotaract Public Image Council

- 1 National and 10 Districtwide Trainings on Brand

- 12,016 publication materials cited (Rotaract clubs informed/ were able to improve the material)

Rotaract Statistics And Membership Growth

- Monthly publication of Rotaract membership statistics

- 11.68% Membership Growth (1,458 New Rotaractors)

- 190 Rotaractors Turned Rotarians inventoried

Maximize Social Media Presence

- 6,670 Fan Page Likes, 125 K Engaged Users, 1.07 M Reached for Facebook Fan Page, 65% increase from previous year

- 3,153 Facebook Group Members

- 1,547 Total Likes and 850 Followers for Instagram

- 11,570 Tweet Impressions and 124 Followers for Twitter

- 55.9K Impressions, 10K Total Views, 1.1K Total Watch Hours, 962 Subscribers, and 160 Videos Uploaded for Youtube

- 2,934 Total Likes and 404 Followers for Tiktok

- 509 Subscribers for Telegram Channel

Greater Rotary And Rotaract Collaboration At The Districts/Zone

- 22 Rotaractors Appointed to Rotary District Committees

- Philippine Rotary Vaccination Campaign partnership

- Inclusion of MDIO Chair Louie in RI Zone 10A Regional Team


Together, we opened opportunities for our members.

Digitize And Globalize DRR Training

- 9 Foreign Speakers and 8 Speakers who are Zone Leaders during 13th DRRE Training Seminar (DRRETS)

- Pioneered virtual engagement activity concepts

- 4.72 out of 5.0 (Very Satisfactory) Post-training rating from 36 DRRs and MDIO Officers

Live Interaction Of Ph Rotaractors With RI President Holger Knaack

- 4.5K Views for Live Chat Video

- ​999 PH Rotaractors Engaged

Pilipinas Rotaract Training Plan Development

- 653 Respondents to Nationwide Training Needs Analysis Survey (Results pointed to training needs of Rotaractors)

- Launched Pilipinas Rotaract Speakers Bureau in partnership with the Rotaract Club of Manila

Pilipinas Rotaract Online University

- 6 eLearning Modules launched and can be accessed anytime via MDIO Google Classroom

- 1,350 Rotaractors took the modules

- 1,464 Learning Hours

- 4.62 out of 5.0 (Very Satisfactory) post-training rating

Localized Rotary And Toastmasters Alliance

- 50 Rotaractors Graduated from Speechcraft Program, a PH Rotaract MDIO and Toastmasters International District 75 Partnership Project

- 4 online Rotary-Toastmasters Courses completed by Speechcraft graduates

Multi-district Fellowship Activities Through Virtual Means

- Pilipinas Rotaract Digital Festival conducted on the month of September with 9 activities to commemorate the 52nd year of Rotaract in the Philippines

- 8 Fellowship Breakout Room Activities conducted during the Pilipinas Rotaract e-Convention

Pilipinas Rotaract

- Virtual National Gathering Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

- 8-in-1 Event

- 1,929 Rotaractors Participated

Greater Collaboration With Other MDIOS

- MDIO Leaders' Meetings & Chat Group to discuss common issues and challenges

- Creation of Handbook of Worlds' MDIOs

Ph National Youth Commission (NYC) Registration

- MDIO registered under Youth Organization Registration Program (YORP) of NYC effective February 3, 2021

- Expansion of NYC Programs for PH Rotaract Clubs

Increased Participation In International Conferences

- 336 Rotaractors in the 17th Asia Pacific Regional Rotaract Conference (APRRC), Contributed Cultural Performances

- Hosted a House of Friendship Cultural Sharing Session and Contributed Cultural Performances in Interota Rotaract World Conference 2021

- MDIO Chair Louie as speaker/panelist in 17th APRRC, Interota Rotaract World Conference 2021, RI Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Webinar on Building Intergenerational Relationships, RI Presidential Conference on Collaboration (May 2021)

- Conducted Virtual Exchange and Fellowship of District Rotaract Leaders with RI District 3310

- Contributed Tiktok Performances and Hosted Breakout Session on Understanding Brand and Public Image for Rotaract Preconvention 2021

Increased Partnerships With External Organizations

- MDIO as co-presenter with 8 other major youth organizations in the Philippines for the Philippine Festival of Youth Action

- Promoted 18th Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations (TAYO) Search among PH Rotaract Clubs (4 Clubs Qualified post-paper screening)

- Promoted Financial Literacy Innovation Challenge of PhilDev Foundation and Cebuana Lhuillier Foundation to PH Rotaract Clubs (6 Clubs Joined)


Together, we made Pilipinas Rotaract resilient.

Templates For Club And District Administration

9 Templates Provided and downloadable from MDIO Website

Unified Manuals And Guidelines

Developed Unified Twin and Friendship Club Guidelines, DRR's Visit Guidelines, Club Induction and Turnover Guidelines, and Club Leadership Turnover Manual

Promotion Of Rotary Action Plan And 5 Year Planning

MDIO, 10 Districts and 127 PH Rotaract Clubs with 5 Year Plan aligned with Rotary Action Plan

Trainings And Surveys On Elevate Rotaract Policy Changes

- Conducted Elevate Rotaract National Summit for Rotarians

- 971 Respondents to Nationwide Survey on Rotaract Dues which gauged readiness of Rotaractors for RI dues

Launched Of A National Awards/recognition Program

Launched the Pilipinas Groundbreaking and Exemplary Accomplishments of Rotaractors (GEAR) Awards with 3 categories namely, Outstanding Service Projects, Exemplary Rotaract Clubs, and Outstanding Districts.

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